Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Maths Work

Today I've been going on to Nzmaths. On nzmath there are fractions on it and some dividing. If you go on it there might be some tricky stuff that they will tell about it.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The NZ Giant Weta

By Edwina Fakahau

This report will give you some good facts about the NZ Giant Weta.
The Weta have lived for about 190 million years and were around when dinosaurs were around.

Physical Features:
The male has do not have that many spikes on them. They might put their back leg up to them to defend them self. They also got 3 main body and that is:the head,the thorax,and the abdomen.

Their favourite food is gorse flowers and other invertebrate creatures smaller than them.

There are some quite Giant Weta that live in a place called the Mahoenui Reserve in Waikato, New Zealand. That place is mainly gorse bushes.

The Weta’s main predator are rats because they are so big and Weta is small even though they have spikes on their legs.

Main Threats:
The Weta are scared of fires because it might destroy their bush that they live on.

The Giant Weta are placid (gentle and kind)and the tree Weta are aggressive.

Weta are so awesome because they are great insects to New Zealand. They are like a treasure to us and can be protected from any predators in a Reserve.