Thursday, 21 February 2013

Water Fun Day

Yahoo! On Monday we celebrated summer by having a water fun day. We were assembled into house groups.

Mrs Raj dropped us into our house area. The house colours were red, green, yellow and blue. Every team had to walk around the court and practise there chants. Next we had to listen very carefully to Mrs Ripata to tell us what activity we are going to do.

The first activity that we did was under leg. At the under leg was Mrs Rudduck and Miss Atuahiva. It was so fun because Vili squirted us with the hose. Our team was funny because they were trying to cheat so the red team could win and not the other teams.

Next we went to Mrs George. The activity was crossing the river. It was very slippery because we went on the bench. We had to fill the carton with water and then run to our own house colour bin.

After that we went to Mr Nath and Mrs Grenham. We had to put the band around us. The person that is first they get a cup and run to the bin and put water in it and then run to the house colour bin. It was funny because some cups were cracked.

Fourthly we came to the area that Mrs Raj and Mrs Maruariki was.Their  one was over arm and under leg. The red team were trying to beat the green because they were winning. Our team didn’t do over arm and under leg because we're kind of jealous because the green team were winning.

The activity we came to was the second to last. It was the zig zag. That activity was Mrs Pome’e and Mrs Moopanar. The zig zag was you had to zig zag around the cones with your cup and with water in it and run to the house colour of your bin.

Finally it was the last one. It was the water slide. At the water slide was Mrs Pauvale, Miss D and Mrs Holderness. Miss D told us to sit in blue, green, yellow and red. We all had a cup each with water in it. I slide down the waterslide an
d some little water were dripping out.

I had a excellent day because there were clapping and cheering. It was awesome because it was so sunny and bright and not raining. My favourite part was crossing the river and the water slide.