Monday, 24 September 2012

Maymo steals the cabbage.

Kia Ora everyone,
Would you think the dog Maymo will catch the cabbage?.. Well I think that he will because he is jumping every where trying to catch it because he likes to eat cabbage. He loves to eat cabbage because that's his favourite food to eat. When he was jumping everywhere trying to catch it, it fell on top of his head. Maymo did not know that the cabbage fell on top of his head. Maymo is a funny dog to keep because he is awesome and a proud dog.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Volcanic Area.

Yesterday morning Room 10 was excited because they had a trip to the Auckland Museum. In the museum there were many galleries.
When we went through the Maori galleries there were lots of windows full of old objects from the olden days. It was a very incredible time.
But the fun bit was that we went to the volcanic area. The volcanic area is dark but not as dark as a building with no lights on. In the volcanic area are rooms, rock and some volcano pictures. We had to go into a virtual sitting room and sit on the floor to watch the news. It was like a video to teach people what to do if there was a volcanic eruption happening in real life. In the room there were things like chairs, tables, tv and a big screen. When Room 10 sat down the tv was on and on the screen was a picture of Mission Bay. On the tv a lady announcer was speaking about the volcano going to erupt. It was scary because the noise was going louder and louder and louder because on the screen there was things coming across the Rangitoto Island.