Thursday, 31 May 2012

Edwina ALIM.

In week 6 for ALIM we learnt to subtract two-digit numbers that do not involve renaming.Like a example: 45-21 is the same as 4 tens-2 ten=20 and 5 ones-1ones=4=24. I hope that you will all learn something from it.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Edwina's Niue Flag.

This term Room10 is about to learn some culture's. For our culture we are learning about niue. We chose niue because in our class room there is a boy that is niue. It is fun to learn niue because  it is a great island and a good country. Room10 is still working and learning on it and they are just about to learn more and more about it. I hope that in someday you will learn different culture in your class room.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Edwina ALIM.

In week 5 for ALIM we learnt to add two-digit numbers where the sum of the ones digit is less than ten.
Like a example: 34+23 is the same as 3 groups of 10+2 groups of 10=50 and 4+7=7 so 50+7=57. It is a great strategists to help you learn your maths. I hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My name story.

My Name Story

Hi my name is Edwina F. My name was chosen on my dad’s side. I am named after my dad’s sister called Edwina. I asked my mum what my name means and she said it's a very nice seed that grows along the beach and the Tongan people use the seeds to make the Tongan oil. I was very lucky that I wasn’t going to be named after anyone because I really like my name a lot.

My name had to be called Edwina because my dad’s sister wasn’t named after anyone.  My sister Candice is named after my dad’s Aunty, my sister Angelica is named after my mum’s mum and Voni is named after my grandpa. I asked my mum why is Anglica named after her mum and she said because she named her. I am very excited because I have a great name and I really love it very, very, very much.  

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Edwina ALIM.

In week 4 for ALIM I learnt to subtract by splitting numbers into parts instead of counting on. For ALIM  I learnt that it will be very helpful because there are different strategist that you can use.
Like a example: 14-4=10-2=8 or 13-3=10-3=7