Thursday, 28 March 2013

My Maths Whizz

Today I have learnt how to add big numbers. I had achieved it.

Friday, 22 March 2013

My Digital Footprint

In ten years time Mrs Raj will find my digital footprint. She will be proud of me.

My Maths Whizz Education.

Today I have learnt my time table by timing a number. I got it now.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Bio Poem

Sporty, hard working and active
Lover of videos, singing and watching Titanium sing
Who  feels scared when someone bangs on the door
Who wonders what the Earth is doing during an earthquake
Who fears lizards, tuatara and snakes
Who has a loving family and a good life
Who gives support to brothers and sisters
Who would like to achieve set goals this year
Who dreams of having a house near the beach

My Swimming Recount

Yahoo! It was swimming time. We had some Auckland instructors coming to Glenbrae School. We had three instructors. They came to teach us how to swim.

The first thing was that the first 6 people had to get in. I was one of them. When I got into the pool I was shaking and and shivering because the pool was as cold as a freezer. They had test us to see which level suited us.

When I got out of the pool i was as frozen as an ice-block. We had to wait  until everyone had finish getting tested. One of the instructors told us to listen very quietly. She told us who is going to take us. She told us that  group three is with Josh. My group climbed on the ladder and into the swimming pool. I was third. I got in and my body felt icy.

My instructor Josh said, “we are going to do the same thing”. I was still shaking. He said, “who wants to go first?” and then the  girls said that they wanted the boys to go first. The boys said no. He said I need to go first. Then I did. When it came to the end I was still cold. My lips was shaking like an earthquake it felt like we were swimming in the antarctic.

I had a fantastic time learning new skills from my instructor Josh I had learnt a lot from him.