Thursday, 23 August 2012

Fraction Flag.

Today I have been on a site called fraction flag. The site fraction is a good site because you will learn your quarter,thirds and halves. Today I went onit and I did the halves. When it comes up it says you will need to do the quarters, thirds or the halves. I did the halves because I am learning about halves. If you want to try it out try it out and you will learn things important for you.

Telling the time.

Today I am very exciting because I have been on a site called telling the time. Telling the time is a good site to go on because on the site it has a timer for you and you will have to try and put the right time on the right clock. Well today I have been on the sit. When I pressed play I was so scared that my time will go 30 second or 24. Well when I was putting the times in the right order I was looking at the time. When it became to the end it was 8 second left I had one more left to do. When the last one was finish it was 9 second so I pressed stop the clock because all the time was in the right place. So today its exciting to me because I had 10 seconds. If you want to try it out go for it and you will know how to tell a time.