Friday, 14 December 2012

Farewell wordle.

On Tuesday the 11th of December we had a farewell assembly. It was for my teacher, the deputy principal. Her name is Mrs Boyer. It was amazing because there were dances. Parents were cheering for their children. The most cheering was for Salelei. My friends and I Laite, Keti and Jezebella did a dance for her. We are all in the same class.

My favourite part was when the Azonto was on. Azonto is my favourite song. They did dances just to say that Mrs B has been here for a long time. She did not realize that there will be some dances. The boys in in my class did a dance that involves the song Azonto. They had a lot of cheering because their one was so funny. In the end I had to present a book that all the classroom contributed.  

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Farewell Mrs Boyer.

On Tuesday the 11th of December the whole Glenbrae School had a assembly. The assembly was a farewell for my teacher, the deputy principle Mrs Boyer that is leaving. She has work in Glenbrae School for 28 years a long time ago. She was a very precious teacher to us. I and my friend Liate, Jezebella and Keti did a dance for her. We are all in the same classroom and same teacher. The song was One More Time written by Katinas. 


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Netbook Reflection 2013

My netbook is very important to my learning because I can comment on other people’s work and blog.  It is teaching me to be honest and be on the right site.

I really like using my netbook because it helps me write faster instead of writing on a piece of paper. I am now fast at writing because I type a lot on my netbook tool.

Using my netbook for my learning is very helpful because it is easier for my teacher to check it. It is helpful because I can look up on people’s work, blog and learning sites. I can also communicate with my teacher from home by email.

Thank you Manaiakalani Trust for paying for Maths Whizz for my class. It makes maths fun. It can make my life easier.