Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Basketball is fun to play. Basketball is a good sport for boys and girls that wants to join in and build their mussels. It was awesome because you get to learn the skills that your coach have given you. It could be anywhere at school or overseas. Basketball can be at school because many students might want to learn about basketball. If you like basketball, I think that you will have a good life.

It was windy like a fan
Playing basketball outside
Tress moving around like a wave
Basketball was awesome because team versus team
Smelt like fresh air from heaven
Heaps of noise
Cheering for other team members

Thursday, 22 November 2012

My E - Ako Maths.

Today I have been on a site called e - ako maths. It is fun to go on it because you do basic fact and subtraction. It is fun to go on this site. If you want to try it out then click on this link (

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Science Trip, Made by Laite and Edwina.

Kia Ora everyone! My name is Edwina. Laite and I were working together. We made a presentation about our trip to Auckland University( in town. We spent and spent alot of time on this. Yesterday on the 20th of November 2012, 36 children were invited to go to Auckland University to learn about physical science. The people that sponsor us was the B.A.S.F.( We were so lucky. We had a great time there. It was awesome in the end because each person had a B.A.S.F bag. In it was a pencil, pen and a book. After that we hopped into the bus and came back to school.

Hope you all enjoy it.

Ka kite Ano everyone!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

My Maths Whizz Subtracted.

Hooray! Today I was on a site called Maths Whizz. On Maths Whizz I learned Subtraction. My question was that what is 254-38. I sat there and think and think. Then I remembered to subtract that number then that number.  I subtracted all the numbers until they were right. After that I got them all right. I put my answer in the box. I clicked ok and it said Well done.

President of United States of America.

On November the 6 th 2012 The total of votes for Barack Obama was 303 electoral votes. People who voted for Barack Obama was in the hall. He had to do a speech in front of his audience. His family was    very proud of him.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My Halloween Poem.

H aving fun with your colourful costume’s

A cting scary and evil

L  ollies

L ooking evil

O pening and knocking on people’s door

W itches with their long scary broomsticks

E ating lollies on the way home

E vil faces

N othing to do but just Halloween

The amazing fireworks.

Yay! Fireworks. My whole family wanted to do fireworks. So we went and brought fireworks. It cost $30 for a box. We went with it home. My dad had to light it then we can hold it. Our street did fireworks.  I loved the sparkles because it was colourful like a dress. Voni(my brother) wanted to start with the little ones. My favourite part is when I saw the colourful sparkles lighting up in our street. The funny bit was that the next-door across us, June sister Evelyn, she was scared because the sound went bomb bomb. She ran inside the house. I had a exciting night. I was very tired.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Sandy Storm.

Oh no! There is a storm in the coast of Usa.Thousand of families have been evacuated from New York to a safe place in America. The storm came from a place called the Caribbean Sea and further down beneath America and Mexico. All of the airports in New York has been shut down. Thousand of people had water bottles with them because if they didn’t have any water or food, they will not be able to survive.