Friday, 22 August 2014

Logic Puzzle

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Today we were learning how to solve a logic puzzle. From this logic puzzle I learn that Alisha spent $4.25 on parsnips, Kathryn spent $5.25 on kale, Leo spent $6.25 on onions and Olive spent $7.25 on rhubarb. I hope that we to continue learning logic puzzle.

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

How to make a sincere apology.

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I am sorry for…
talking about you with others and I know that you are very upset about this.
This was wrong because...
I was not meant to talk about you and not meant to tell other people.
In the future I will…
I will promise and remember that I will not talk about you with others and will never ever hurt your feelings.
Will you forgive me…
For what I have done bad about you. I am very sorry.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Powhiri Ceremony!

Yay! Let’s celebrate the opening ceremony of our ECE (Early Childhood Education). It was really packed. Well today at Glenbrae School, we had people from Housing NZ, Tamaki Redevelopment, Media and Politician. This was the biggest part when Glenbrae student get to see the mayor of Auckland, Len Brown. We also had Dr. Nick Smith, the minister of conservation. Time for the karanga. Everyone was inside. Some of our students did the haka for them. When Len Brown walked past us after we did the haka, he said to us, Well done!

After that Matua Jim stood up and did a speech in Maori. When Matua Jim finished speaking, one of the members of board of trustees from our school, Mr Leona, stood and did a speech. Next it was time to sing. I had to lead it. I felt very nervous, very hot because it was my first time leading a song in front of a crowd. Although I was leading, it was very great to represent our school and being a proud leader to lead through. This was the best part. It was Len Brown turn to speak. He was very awesome and very laughable because he made us laugh and laugh. Although he was still speaking, he said to us that he will be singing Te Aroha. Dr. Nick Smith was laughing. So we started laughing. Finally it was Dr. Nick Smith turn to speak. He was just like Len Brown. While he was talking, he smiled and smiled until he finished his speech.

Next it was time to sing a Waiata. I keeped on looking at Mrs Raj because she tells me what waiata to do. She made me smile and laugh a lot because she says to make the note higher. I was trying to calm my nerves down. After all the speech and the waita, it was time to  do the hongi with Len Brown and the rest of the people that came along. It was very a pleasure to do the hongi because in our culture we never do these things. Until then we all had to gather next to the pools so Dr. Nick Smith and Len Brown could dig out sod turning from the grown. When they did that, Matuta Jim blessed the sod turning. Then we sang Te Aroha again. Len Brown enjoyed our singing and the song because he knew the song and he really loved the song.  Finally the powhiri was finished and done. The 8 leaders from Glenbrae School, including me were very exuberant to take a photo with Len Brown. Len Brown told his friends to join in the photo.  My friend Atelaite and I really really enjoyed that day. We both hope that Len Brown and Dr. Nick Smith comes back to our school.