Monday, 30 September 2013

Swimming Time!

Swimming time now! Today was a exciting day for me. My sibling's and I went to the pools for a swim. When we got there, we all got changed into our togs. After that it was time to swim. I had fabulous day. I hope we go there again.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Achievement on 9 Time Tables

Today I was working on my 9 time table. I am working to achieve my 9 time table because I get struggler on it. I got 100% and 36 seconds. I need to try my best and get 100% and 30 seconds.

Maths Whizz

Today on Maths Whizz I was working on multiplying numbers of 50. I tried my best to work it out because they were kinda hard. I was thinking if the number was right or wrong but I tried my best. I really enjoyed Maths Whizz.

Our Big Feed At Church

Today our church had a feed. It was so awesome having a feed because the church members and families gather at the feed. Everyone enjoyed the feed because they where eating pig and other food. Their favourite food was the pig. I felt like eating a pig but I didn't want to eat because I was very full. I hope next time there will be a feed.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

My Hopes And Plans For The School Holidays

Yay! Holidays are coming up. In the holidays my family and I will be busy because church things and family things will be happening. I don’t really do much things in the holidays because I don’t really love holidays. I hope that this holiday we will have a lot fun and will enjoy the holidays.

In the future I always dream about that I will be a singer one day or work as a policemen. I can’t stop thinking of these two things because my parents talks about these things at home. I’m just hoping that it will happen when I finish high school and when I finish studying at university.  

My Favorite T.V Program

My favorite T.V program is Pitch Perfect. I love watching Pitch Perfect because I love how they act and how they sing. I always want to watch people on T.V when they sing  and act because I dream that one day I will sing on a T.V or act. I hope I will be a actor and a singer when I grow up.

All About My Best Friend

My best friend is Emeline. Emeline is a beautiful, kind and helpful girl to me. She is 13 years old and she is in college in 2014. Her favorite sport is netball. She loves playing netball because she dreams that one day she will be a netball player. She loves to sing when she goes anywhere. Her favorite movie is Pitch Perfect. Emeline loves to hang out with others at school and loves to gather around with her family at home and anywhere. The most thing she loves is when she goes on face book at night on the internet. I hope she will achieve her goals and I hope she will carry on doing these things.

My favorite activity at camp

Yahoo! Last week we had a camp to Great Barrier Island. Everyone was so enthusiastic to go camp. My favorite part of camp was when we went fishing. We had to get a partner each. It was a fun activities. When we had chosen our partner, we had to hop into our kayak. We kayaked to an island called Babarque Bay. While we were there, we were each given squid so when we put it into the water the fish could eat it and so its easy for us to pull up the fish. One person had to kayak while the other person does the fishing. Everyone tried their best to catch some fish but there was no fish. Each and one of us had a lot of fun when we did fishing. After a wild it was time to go back. Everyone felt tired and sweaty when they got back. We all hope we will do some more kayaking and fishing.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Phil's Machines

Phil’s Machines
Who wrote the article - Lindy Kelly
Who took the photos for the article - Lindy Kelly

What did Phil love when he was a boy?
Answer: He loved machines
What is a dirt bank?
Answer:  A dirt bank is when they are digging and shifting things on grounds
What did Phil do when he left school?
Answer: He got a job driving 50 tonne bulldozers and 80 tonne motor scrapers
How many diggers does Phil own?
Answer: He owned 4 diggers
How many people work for Phil?
Answer: 2
Why did Phil get tired of seeing other people’s names on the side of the truck?

Answer: Because he didn’t own one and it was other peoples truck so he started setting up his own business
Does Phil work long hours?
Answer: Yes
Answer: Because he enjoys it and he loves to drive on diggers
What safety gear do the workers wear?
Answer: Steel-capped boots, and bright coloured vests for safety
Why is it important to wear these?
Answer: Because if the digger tip over they don’t get crushed

On page 24-25 parts of the machines and its functions are listed. Write down each part and explain what it does.
Mulcher - It could chew them into small pieces
Root rake - It is used for clearing stick and branches
Ripper - It is like an enormous pick
Rock breaker - It’s like a huge hammer

Battle of the Monster Trucks

Battle of the Monster Trucks
Write down the name of the author - John Medcalf
Who took the photos - John Medcalf

Why are monster trucks awesome?
Answer: Because they can crush cars easily
What is Bigfoot?
Answer: A truck
What happens at a monster truck competition?
Answer: 1 trucks go first and then the other trucks go
How many monster trucks are in New Zealand?
Answer: 1
What is the name of the monster truck in New Zealand?
Answer: Kiwi Thunder

Explain what the driver does in a monster truck competition
They crush cars

Research what type and size of tyres monster trucks use
Answer:  Monster truck tires are 66" in height and 43 inches wide

Pretend you own a monster truck, plan a monster truck competition and invite other monster truck owners to attend. Think about where you will have the competition, when, how much it will cost to watch. Create a poster to advertise your monster truck competition.

Where: Waikaraka Park
When: Saturday 27th of December 2019
Cost: It will cost $10 for one and $100 for 5 adult
Time: 6:00 pm gate opens and 7:55 pm shows start