Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Hero's Story!

The sky was a pale, shade of a grey. Rain lashed against the window, washing off the dirt from the past. A brown dreadful dog was barking from outside in the garden but stuck in the mud. Tears coming down. He had not been walking for a long month. Julie was sitting in her room, holding a cup of hot coffee. She froze because she looked outside and there was a dog barking for help, tears still coming down.

Julie ran straight to the phone like a lion, ringing her best buddy, Spencer. She met him at school. He was a friendly hot guy to her. She was nervous but her body was shaking like a earthquake. When Spencer answered the phone, she told him that a dog is stuck in the garden. Spencer quickly got changed into his powerful costume. It was red and black.

Off! Spencer used his powerful costume, like superman, and flew across to Julie house. When he reached Julie house he quickly ran to the dog. Dog still barking. His tears were gone. He knew someone will rescue him. The dog wanted to be alive. Spencer shouted out loud to Julie to help him. Julie with the speed! They both helped the dog out of the mud. The dreadful dog was filthy. Julie and Spencer was so euphoric because they worked as a team. On that day Julie showered the dog. It was clean and fresh.

In the end they had a celebration over at Julie house. The celebration night was fro Spencer for his hard work he did. Spencer got a certificate and a present. Everyone clapped, shake hands and hugged him. That was the intrigued day ever……!

The Windy Long Bay Trip!

The sky was grey and dark! Trees blowing to side to side!. Rain dripping down from the sky!.  Lets go and spend the time at Long Bay. Students of Glenbrae School went to Long Bay. We went there to learn about sea creatures because there are too many people taking a lot of our sea creatures. After reaching Long Bay, we had a 10 minute morning tea.

Next the 3 instructors, Maureen, James and Sarah gave us information about the sea creatures. Sarah gave each group an instructor. We had the best one, Sarah. Sarah walked our group to the rocky shore. When we reached there, Sarah gave us each group a tray to fill it with water. The tray was to put the sea creature that we find. We were looking and looking for them! I felt very cold because they wind was strong and burly! I was very euphoric because I found a cat’s eye snail and a starfish. Sarah told us we had to get our groups together and have a look at them and then take them back. It was very interesting to look at them.

Time for lunch. Everyone was hungry. Crispy food going down. Lunch was over. Our next activity was to go to the beach and collect beautiful shells that we found. While we were looking for beautiful shells, we found a big fat jellyfish. It was alive. It was everyone’s first time seeing a jellyfish. After that we had to gather around to see if every group had shells that were shown on the chart. Sarah told us we would be having a competition. The competition was hilarious! It was hilarious because the other groups tried to copy our moves.

Finally the activity was over. Everyone gathered around to say thank you to the instructor. When we were coming back on the bus, some people were sleeping and some were talking to their friends. That was the best trip ever!!!.....

Friday, 16 May 2014

Poem - WW1


Here we lay, down the deep sand
Sunshine is gone, but I only see grey
Wish I could spend a bit more time
I am in my twenties or thirty, but I’m in my prime

A minute or a second to go
My whole body is numb, face is blue
Very sorry, but I did my best
Life is over, through my dark red chest

Can’t help it, quick and fast
Can’t help it, but still smile
Never see the world, this is the end
I will always look down from the sky

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Creating Loopy People!

Today in maths I learnt to measure body parts, half the measurement, apply the halved measurements to measure, cut and create our loopy people. 


It was easy connect the body parts
It was hard to half each measurement

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

✽ In Flanders Field ✽

   Screenshot from 2014-05-07 09:39:59.png
  1. Write a message for the soldiers who gave their lives up in the World Wars, defending us.
     Answer: I would like to say a big thank you for those who participate in the WW1. I am so blissful that I am free and alive. I wouldn't be alive. But now I am. Thank you for the hard work you have all been doing.
  1. Write the message the soldiers gave us in the poem ‘In Flanders Field’

     Answer: Take up our quarrel and with the foe. To you from failing hands we throw. The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with who die

Monday, 5 May 2014

My First Quiz!!

Today I was doing some quizzes. There were 15 quizzes. It was very tricky because I didn't if that was the right answer. After getting through all of them, I checked my answers. I was very proud of myself because I nearly got all of them right. I only and six wrong and 9 correct. I am really really proud of myself.....

1. What is the name of the political party that
Kim Dotcom has founded?
• a. the Freedom Party
• b. the Internet Party
• c. the Dotcom Party
2. What were the names of the two tropical
cyclones that caused a lot of property
damage in many areas of New Zealand
last term?
• a. Lucy and Ivy
• b. Lusi and Ita
• c. Luna and Mira
3. Why did authorities issue a warning about
eating apples or peaches in early March?
• a. they may have been sprayed with a toxic
• b. they may have contained a type of asian
• c. they could have been infected with
Hepatitis A
4. What important event will happen on
September 20th?
•a. Barack Obama will begin a tour of NZ
•b. the Sky Tower will celebrate its 20th
anniversary with a $2m fireworks display
•c. the election will be held
5. The International Court of Justice has
ordered Japan to stop whaling in which
a. the Southern Ocean
• b. the South China Sea
• c. the Arctic Ocean
6. True or false, polls taken last term showed
that 72% of New Zealanders wanted a
change of their flag?  
7. Which state owned company has the
Government partially sold recently?
• a. Genesis Energy
• b. Solid Energy
• c. Kiwibank
8. What was the best placing a New Zealand
athlete achieved at the 2014 Sochi Winter
Olympics? 4th - Jossi Wells was placed 4th in the men’s ski
halfpipe event. It is the best result for NZ since
Anneliese Coburger claimed a silver in the 1992
women’s slalom. Janina Kuzma managed a fifth
placing in the women’s ski halfpipe.

9. What type of insect was found in
Whangarei causing major concern for the
horticultural industry?
• a. a wasp
• b. a poisonous spider
• c. a fruit fly
10.Which province in Ukraine voted to
become part of Russia in March?
• a. Odessa b. Crimea c. Moldova
11.In which ocean have authorities been
searching as part of their efforts to find the
missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370?
• a. Pacific
• b. Atlantic
• c. Indian
12.Which film won the 2014 Oscar for best
• a. American Hustle
• b. Gravity
• c. 12 Years a Slave
13.In which state of America did a huge
landslide destroy the village of Steelhead
Haven last term?
• a. Colorado
• b. Washington
• c. West Virginia
14.Last term, a 37 year old man from Mexico
was found after being adrift in the Pacific
Ocean for a long time. How long does he
claim to have been lost at sea?
• a. 6 months
• b. 13 months
• c. 28 months
15.ANZAC Day was originally established to
commemorate the efforts of Australian and
New Zealand soldiers at the Battle of
Gallipoli. What country is Gallipoli in?