Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Best Dance Fever

The best afternoon ever! Today we had our last Dance Fever. We were together with the year 6/7. First we started of with foxtrot. Before we did the foxtrot, Christina and Captain said we will be dancing in front of parents on Tuesday 17th of December. Everyone said “OMG”. It was time to do foxtrot. While we were doing our foxtrot, I felt that there was a sun burning me.

After that we got straight into cha-cha. During cha-cha, Christina had to stop the music because some of us did any moves. We all watch Christina and Captain doing it. It was time to do it again. Christina was so happy to see us do it very well after they showed us.

Next was our hip-hop. Our hip hop was so funny because we had do the dougie. While we are doing the dougie, Captain and Christina had to choose people to go up to the front and dougie and the rest have to judge whose gonna be versing them. Some of us were chosen to go up. After that it was time to judge whose gonna be versing Captain and Christina. The 2 people that got chosen was Siupeli and Brinix. We were all cheered, scream, clapped out loud. Christina said, now its time do our hip-hop.

Finally it was over. We all enjoyed it. We all hope that when we dance in front of our parents, we don’t do any mistake.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Netbook Reflection 2013

This year I have been working with two lovely teachers. The things I have been learning from them is that they share writing templates, reading response and maths work on our sites that we could access on our netbook.
I love using my netbook, because I can research many things and I can finish my work.
I really enjoyed working with my friend, because she had been helping me with my attitude, supporting me and that.
I'm very proud of myself this year, because I have been helping other kids by sorting out problems and getting them to work or play as a team.
Using digital tools is really awesome, because I just love it and it helps a lot.
Having a netbook connected to the internet helps me do a lot of work like, writing a recount, reading stories online and maths on maths sites.

I prefer using a netbook to a pencil and paper, because netbooks are good to finish off work, and to access  things that are online.

Our Last Oreinteering

What a puffing and sweaty morning. Today we had our last orienteering. We had to do two course. While I was running. I felt hot because we had to run up to look for the letters and then run back down to look for the next one.

Finally my first course was finished. I had to do my second course. I decide to work with my best friend (Tame’e) on the second course. While Tame’e and I were running, our legs felt tired because of running.

When we both finished, we had to go back and take our paper and our map to our instructor Irene. Irene told us that its finish. Everyone was so tired and sweaty. We all hope that we will have another orienteering.