Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My ALIM work.

In this week ALIM I have learnt to solve problems grouping them into equals. I have learnt different kind of strategies. Like example: 4 groups of 3 is the same as 4x3=12. I hope that you enjoyed it and I hope you will learn something from it.

In week ten I am so proud of myself because when my ALIM teacher tested me she said that I am on stage 6. I am very proud of myself.

My Presentation this morning.

This morning is interesting. This morning each class will go to visit other classes. When classes are moving around they will learn interesting facts about different cultures. My class was one of them. I was not one of them because I stayed in class because I was doing a presentation of Niue to Room9.  When Room9 came into my class I had to talk to them. The first thing was that we had to stand up for the national anthem of Niue. When we finished singing the national anthem of Niue, I had to say my mihi and to talk about the uga(coconut crab). When all our presentation was done every one  had to watch a video clip about Niue. I really enjoyed it.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

My thousand number.

Today I learnt how to count in Trillions,Billions,Millions,Thousand,Hundred,Tens,Ones. The number in my photo is one hundred and forty five Trillions, eight hundred and thirty six Billions, seven hundred and twenty nine Millions, three hundred and eighty Thousand, five hundred and twenty eight.

Edwina ALIM.

I ALIM this week we learnt to work out multiplication facts from what I know about 2's,5's and 10's. Like a example: 7x2 is the same as 5x2=10 and 2x2=4 that is 14. I hope that you have learnt some strategies for your maths. I hope you enjoy it.

Friday, 8 June 2012

My Family Treasure Story.

My Taonga

My taonga is about my old teddy bear. My teddy bear was a present when I was 1 year old. My teacher gave it to me as a gift because I was one of the babies that first entered the church pre school. I am very excited because my family and I still have my present after nearly 11 years.

My taonga looks big and beautiful.It doesn’t do anything but it sits beautiful on a special basket in my room. My mum made a special place for it. If someone touches my teddy bear it makes a sound like a whistle. It feels smooth because the feather is soft and the colour of my taonga is black and white.
My taonga is special to me because it is a gift from my pre-school when I was one years old. The children and teachers gave it to me on my birthday and that's why it so special. Since then, my family and I still keep that taonga on a special place in my room and I will keep it until I get married.

By Edwina F  

My MihiMihi Story.

My Mihimihi
My mountain is Mount Wellington.
My river is the Tamaki River.
My dad is Manase.
My mum is Hina.
My country is New Zealand.
My address is 99 Leybourne Circle, Glen Innes,Auckland.
My name is Edwina.

Ko hoku mo’unga ko Mt Wellington.
Ko homau vaitafe ko Tamaki.
Ko ‘eku tamai ko Manase.
Ko ‘eku fa’ee ko Hina.
Ko hoku fonua ko New Zealand.
Ko hoku tu’asila ko e fika 99 Leybourne Circle,Glen Innes,Auckland.
Ko hoku hingoa ko Edwina.