Thursday, 29 August 2013

Tame'e and Edwina's Persuasive writing

“Are you scared that one day the world is going to end?” Global warming is one of the most threatening things for the environment. Global warming threatens the health of the earth which can happen in different ways like earthquake, Tsunami, tornado and hurricanes. I believe that we need to stop global warming because its affecting the greenhouse gas, affecting our future and its affecting our whole environment.  

Greenhouse Effect

First of all the Greenhouse Gas is most common in the environment.
In Fact the Solar radiation, which is absorbed from the earth hits the land and water
surface and is warming up the earth which would become a tornado.


For example, us humans are making global warming too. We pollute the air,CO2 and also the ozone layer by burning  fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas for energy or cut down and burn forests to create pastures and plantations, carbon accumulates and overloads our atmosphere.


Equally important need to keep the earth clean and have no problems with our ozone layer. In addition we want our future to last long and more things to happen more like flying cars.
Furthermore we can't have that because of our global warming.

Global warming is mostly caused by Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as it wraps around  our earth like a blanket.The CO2 traps the heat from the sun which we need to save our skin from diseases. We cause global warming by burning oil fuels for our cars and also cutting and burn trees to make Plantations and Pastures. However I believe that we need to save our planet for the future for the people growing up. We need to save the earth from global warming, we need to tell people that the earth is going to end because of us people not caring about the environment and earth.

To stop global warming we have to persuade people to recycle more because things like what we have today ain't gonna be there for when we want to show the people in the future. Most times global warming happens because of the Greenhouse Effects.
We need to do something about this.
My 10 ways to help stop Global Warming:

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

2.Use less heat and condition

3.Change a lightbulb

4.  Less driving and drive smart

5. Buy Energy efficient products

6. Use less hot water

7. Use the ‘off’ switch

8. Plant a tree

9. Walk more and use less transport with pollution gas.

10. Encourage others to save the world

We need to encourage people to do these things to save the earth. I wish one day people will be happy to say that we’ve done these things to save the earth for the future. It is extremely important for us to  keep our earth free from pollution and global warming by doing our bit.

All About Me

All About Me

Malo E Lelei everyone. My name is Edwina. I am 12 years old. I was born in New Zealand in Auckland Hospital. Today I will be talking to you all about my family life, school life and hopes and dream life to you all.


First of all I would like to talk to you all about my family life. My family is Tongan, half Italian and half Samoan. All my families lives in New Zealand. My family comes from a village in Tonga called Haasini and Niua Fo'ou. They are very helpful and kind families. There are 8 members of my family. When we have any celebrations, we invite our minista, church members and my parents families. When people visit our house, we all have rules. I love my family a lot because we’ve been along for years.  


Secondly I will talk to you about my school life. I love school. When I was 7 years old, I always want to come to school to learn. I am kind and helpful to my teachers and others. My favourite subjects in school is writing and maths. The things that I need to work on is my reading. When I started school, the only thing I liked was maths and writing but not reading. My reading was on a lower level. I have a lot of friends that I hang out with at school. We all have been friends when we started school. The most thing I like at school is when I gather around with my friends and others.

Hopes and Dream:

Finally I will talk about my hopes and dream life. When I finish high school, I want to go to university to study. I dream that when I finish university, I will be a policemen. My family and I hopes that in the future we will get a good life. I hope that one day I will travel around overseas to my family to visit.

Where No Boats Could Live

"Where No Boat Could Live," by Roger Fyfe
1. Where is Chatham Island, and what is the weather like there?
Answer: Chatham Island is near the Pacific ocean. The weather there is very strong and frequent storms.
2. Who were the first people to arrive there? How did they get there?
Answer: The got there in a huge double-hulled canoes. The first people that arrived there was the Moriori.
3. How did the Moriori live? Give some example of what they did to survive?

Answer: They grew taro, kumara, and yams and different kind of vegetable. Lucky there were water that they could catch seafoods.
4. What is a wash - through wake? What was it used for?
Answer: It’s a waka. It could carry loads of food and amount of large people.
5. Why were the wake korai and the wake paging so special?
Answer: Because they were perfectly suited to the local conditions
6. What do the words ballast and capsize mean?
Answer: The sea water became a natural ballast and actually helped the waka remain stable. This made them almost impossible to capsize
7. Please give a brief summary of the article.
Answer: The Moriori people lived like farmers and survivors
8. Why were the Moriori considered backward?
Answer: The Moriori people learned very fast to live in a new environment
9. What do you think about the skills and designs of the Moriori and why?
Answer: That they use patterns and designs on their boats and that they made their own boats and catch their own food to live.

My Q-A for my reading

7. Please give a brief summary of the article.
Answer: The Moriori people lived like farmers and survivors
8. Why were the Moriori considered backward?
Answer: The Moriori people learned very fast to live in a new environment
9. What do you think about the skills and designs of the Moriori and why?
Answer: That they use patterns and designs on their boats and that they made their own boats and catch their own food to live.

Basket Boat

"Baskets Boats," by Jill MacGregor

1. Where is the story set?
Answer: Qui Nhon
2. Who is the main character in the story?
Answer: Thanh and his friends Men, Dai and Hung
3. What is the story about?
Answer: When Thanh grows up he wants to be a fisherman like his father
4. What is a basket boat? What is its' proper name?
Answer: It is a boat that they use to go out sea to catch fish. The proper name for basket boat is thung chai.
5. What is a basket boat useful?
Answer: It is useful for all kind of things
6. How is a thung chai made?
Answer: They are made by  green bamboo from the forest.  
7. What is a thung chai handy? What are some of its' uses?
Answer: It is hand because it helps you by going fishing and it takes staffs to other places. They use it to have fun and try them out.
8. How many seats are in a thung chai?
Answer: There are none in a thung chai
9. Explain how safe a thung chai is?
Answer: The thung chai boat is really safe it’s really strong to use like on water and fishing also.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Our Lovely Last Softball Lesson

Yahoo! What a lovely hot sunny day. This morning Rm10 had their last softball lesson. Our coach told us that we needed to split up into 2 teams. When we were splitted into 2 teams, the game was on. It was our team that batted first. When everyone had a turn, it was my turn. When I hit the ball, I felt the wind was blowing towards my face and washing the sweaty away. I was so scared that I wouldn't reach the base.  

Next we had to swap. The other team batted and we were fielding. When the other team batted, the ball came straight to the person that was on base 2 and he catch it. Everyone was clapping. My team had a lot of fun because we were all working as a team and trying to get all the other team out.

Finally it was over. Our team won. Everyone had a lot of fun and they enjoyed it. My team wanted to carry on playing softball but our time was over. We had a lot of fun. I hope that next term we will have a softball session.


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Our Awesome Softball Session

Yahoo! What a bright sunny day it is to start the day! This morning we had the second softball session with two sporty instructors. I felt excited because I love playing softball because it keeps me fit. We started of with a warm up game called Octopus.  While we were playing, it started  raining and it was so horrible after a few minutes because it just began to rain hard. Then it went back to being a sunshiny morning

Next we had to start practicing our brand new skills. We had to find a partner to work with. The skills that we did were rolling, throwing and catching with a glove. When my partner threw the ball towards me it looked like the ball was going to hit me but, luckily I caught it with ball. At the same time the wind was blowing the ball against me very fast like a cheetah chasing a bird. The ball was flying like a famous superhero coming to save me from falling of a high building. I was  as sweaty as Valerie Adams participating in the shot put sports for the Olympics.

Our last skill was called throwing. Then it was time for us to have a competition involving the whole classroom. Nick told us that if we catch the ball we can only take one step back but, if we don’t catch the ball we just stand in the same place. My partner and I was shaking like a leaf  getting blown from side to side from the wind because we might fail by throwing the ball to each other and we might not be able to catch it.

Finally it was over. I had a fantastic time learning skills based on softball. Gemima and I can’t wait until the next session of softball. I enjoyed my time and so did my partner Gemima.   

Monday, 12 August 2013

Our Squash Session

Yay! This morning we had some sports going on. The sport that we did was squash. I was so excited to go because I loved playing squash. The first thing that we did was that our coach splitted us into groups but with a partner. Riccardo our coach, explain how its gonna work. It was time to play. My teacher was screaming out loud like she was blowing a whistle, to use my skills, so I did. While my partner and I were vs each other, the points were 2-3. I had 3 and my partner had 2. I was the champion because who ever gets up to 3, they are the winner.  

Next we had to swap. The next round I was a bit scared that I might lose because my partner was catching up. While I was hitting the ball like a rocket across the court to my partner, I felt that I was a tennis player running side to side. When the game was on, one of us will need to win. My partner had to serve the ball. It was a bit funny that my partner was supposed to hit the ball to board and then to me but it hitted on the ground. So I won.

Lastly it was the last round. It was loser vs loser and winner vs winner. I was one of the loser. Riccardo told us who ever gets up to 15 they are the champion. I was shaking like an leave wind. The game was on. I was way behind. I was a  bit scared that I might lose again. The game was still on. It was 14 all. My partner had to serve because he won the point. When he served it hitted on the red line. I was shouting because I was very happy that I was the champion.

Finally it was all over. Everyone had fun and they wanted to continue but there was no time left because the other class were waiting. I hope we will have another squash again in the hall.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My Evaluation about my Soccer Funeral story

Do you believe having only one type or design of sock in your sock drawer would be a good idea?

Answer: No because it might be looking weird if you have one pair of sock that doesn't match to the other socks

The Sock Funeral

My question about my Soccer Funeral

How could you solve the ‘one lost sock’ problem?
Answer: Send someone to go to each room and look for all the pairs of socks that are missing

The question and answer about my story

Explain how one sock from a pair might go missing in your home

Answer: It might go missing if one of my family members wears them and then after that they might just chuck it around.

My answer about my story

What do you think is the main idea of the poem?
Answer: That there are too many pair of socks missing

Friday, 2 August 2013

ICT, Technology

Today at ICT we learnt something new with our teacher Mrs Anderson. We only used 3 layers. The tool that we used was photoshop and Photo Booth. We had to take a photo of ourself and then safe it into a folder. Next we used photoshop to draw little lines but with a black colour around our face and then use different kind of colour to shade them in. I had a lot of fun doing it.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

My Amazing Holiday

OMG! The Holidays are on yeah!. In the holidays my family and I planed to go to the movies. It was so excited. When we got to the movie theatre, we got popcorn, ice-cream and drinks. I was so excited. The movie that we all watched was High School Musical. I was a bit bored and tired. My family had so much fun than me because they really liked the acting.

Next day we went to watch my brothers rugby game at their club. I had to cheer out loud for my brother’s rugby team. They were vs the Grammar Carlton. I was cheering as if I was a cheerleader leader my self. It was halftime and the score was 9-12. Halftime was over. It was a bit hard for them to get more tries because the other team were too strong like elephants trying to get some tries. After that it was game over. The total score was 12 to 14. The other team won but they really tried their best and they got scores. They were all sweaty and exhausted.

On Monday, we all went to Sylvia Park to do some shopping. My family enjoyed going shopping because they brought things for them. I didn’t wanted to buy anything. After their amazing shopping, we bought some Subway for my brothers and I, but my other family members had Burger King.

Finally every shopping and that was over. When we got back home we had a rest. My family and I and a great holiday. I hope that we could have a another holiday so we could go somewhere that we could have more fun.