Friday, 18 April 2014

❤ Easter Celebration ❤

Let's get some Easter Eggs!!! Today my family and I were very animated because there was a Easter celebration at Auckland Domain. When we arrived at Auckland Domain, it was very pack. But first we had to wait for the helicopter to arrive so the big bunny could throw the 30,000 eggs from the sky to everyone to catch. This was the time. EASTER EGG TIME!!!! When the Easter Eggs came down, I only catched 1 because my siblings were pushing and bumbling me over. I was very angry. But at least I catch a egg. Time to go back home. I stood there with frown because I didn't want to go back home. 
Hope it happens again.........!!!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

☀ Our Last Basketball Session ☀

Time to get outside and play basketball in the hot bright sunny weather!!! Today room 10 had their last basketball session. We were so euphoric because the first thing Steph, our coach, said to us that we will be playing a proper basketball game. But first we had to do some running then play. It was to play.

First Steph split us into two even groups. Time to start. READY, STEADY, GO! So off we played. During our game, my face felt hot like a hot stove. While everyone was playing, they were all sweaty and hot because they has to chase the ball and run to ball. It was over…..!!! My team said “YES WE WON” and the other team said “ IT’S JUST A GAME”.

Finally it was time to go back to class. Jack one of our class students, thank Steph and the whole school for us. During our basketball sessions, I learn the the head fake past. The most difficult bit was when we have to run with the ball but bounce it. My favorite part in basketball was that Steph showed us a trick with our fingers. Steph showed us different kind of tricks. That was the most fabulous time ever!!!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

❣ The Fantastic Long Bay Trip ❣


Yah! Now it’s the time to learn about Survival In The Wild! On Monday 7th of, April, 2014, the year 7 / 8 students of Glenbrae School, were very exhilarated to go on a trip to Long Bay.  When we got there we met 5 instructors. I felt animated. Sarah, one of our instructors walked us to a huge fale called the main rangers. Sarah said we will be having morning tea for 10 or 15 minutes. Morning tea was over. We were in groups amongst 9-10 people. Sarah told us that we are divided to each instructor at the programme.

Next it was time to head off to our activity with one of the instructor. Morag was our instructor. First she gave us a list of things you're supposed to take with you when you're on a bushwalk and things your not ment to take with you. It was time to have a competition.  We were split into teams. In my team was Te Puawai and Alex. The aim was to get the right things you should be taking with. It was hard to know which one to take because we didn't run with the list we had. It was the end. My team lost but we still had fun. The last activity we did was stretches. Morag said to us we will be using a wood bamboo stick and 3 chumpas. It was very tricky. We had to lift people up. Mrs Raj our teacher, were one of the people that were lifted. Mrs Raj didn't want to get off because she liked it and it was comfortable. That was so amazing.

Let’s go for a bush walk! We were with James. James took us to a tree where it had a plenty of shade. He gave out maps. James said to us we have to decide what place we will be visiting. My group choose Grannies Bay. We had a leader and a tail charlie. The leader had to follow the map to Grannies Bay and the tail charlie had to help the leader with the map if the leader didn't where he or she were going. If we stopped around a spot through the bush, the leader will another leader and a tail charlie will choose another tail charlie. I was a tail charlie. When reached Grannies Bay, it was so beautiful because it was huge and it had big area. While we were standing and looking around Grannies Bay, I could hear the waves from the beach splashing and making fabulous noise. James shouted out loud to us and said that it’s time to go back for lunch. We all walked back in a group.

Time to do the last activity. Our last activity was building tent and cooking. Sarah and Maureen was the instructor. Maureen explaining to us about building a tent. Time to start building the tent. We started of with building the tent. It was not hard to build the tent because it was kinda a medium size. This was my favourite part, cooking. Mauren told us that we will be in pairs. My pair was Te Puawai. We cooked the sausages in a frying pan and a little stove. That was Te Puawai and I first time cooking on a little stove. Finally the sausages was cooked. We all ate them. Delicious!!!

Finally it was all over. Time to go back. I didn't want to go because I wanted to stay and
do some more cooking. That was the most FANTASTIC day I ever had!!!!!


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

❤ Our Fabulous Auckland Zoo Trip ❤

Yahoo! It’s time to learn about native animals, birds and trees. On Friday 4th of April, 2014, the senior classes of Glenbrae School, room 7, 9, 10 were very euphoric to go to the Auckland Zoo. When we arrived there by bus, we met 3 amazing instructors. The instructors walked us down to the bottom to a fale. It was very noisy near the fale because the birds were making loud noise. They introduced themselves to us. Their names were Laura, Richard and John. Laura explained to us about the 3 activities we will be doing with each and every one of them, one by one.

It was time to start. John was our first instructor. He told us heaps of information about the slithery lizards. It was really interesting to me because it was my first time hearing and learning about lizards. Next was the Kea. We had to be very silent and still because if we don’t, then they will fly across to you and munch, munch, munch on you finger or anything else. I was really scared because one of the Keas flew towards me. It was time to swap to our next instructor and activity.

Our second instructor was Laura. Laura took us to the native bird area. There were birds that were very cute and noisy because they were fighting and playing around. I looked around with fascination and spotted some of New Zealand’s famous trees and plants. I spotted the kawakawa and the nikau tree. We came to an entrance of stairs going to the top of some kind of balcony or something. I stood there listening with my ears wide open to all the information Laura was explaining to us.

Time to go to the last instroductor! It was Richard. Richard explain to us about the eels (tuna). From everything that Richard has taught us, I learnt that for eels to lay their eggs, they swim aaaaa alllllll the way to the Tongan ocean and lay their eggs in a comfortable spot for the eggs to hatch, and then the mother eel swim aaaaaalllll the way back to its home and live with its own parents.

After that, it was time to have morning tea. Everyone was hungry. During morning tea, everyone was chatting and chatting with their mates. Morning tea was over. This was my favorite part, exploring the Auckland Zoo. My group wanted to visit heaps of other animals. I was so enthusiastic to see other animals because there were some animals that we haven’t seen, yet. My favourite part was when I saw the seal the zoo keeper feeding the seal and telling it what to do.

Finally it was time to go back to school. I stood with a frown. Mrs Parker, my teacher, said to us it’s time to get into the bus. When we drove back, everyone fell asleep. I thought that was the most TEDIOUS day!!!!