Thursday, 27 March 2014

Information About Plants That Heal

Summarise:  Create,  Share
  1. Summarise the article ‘Plants that Heal’ by Sue Gibbison that you have read.

Answer: There is a school called Hurupaki School is a wetland area.  It used to be a swampy horse. At their school there are different kind of native plants growing there. The students there decided its a great idea to grow some medicinal plants that could help heal. Hurupaki School decided to do some research on books, internet about medicinal therefore they found out there were hundreds of native plants and trees with healing properties.

Plants That Heal!

Evaluation :
  1. Do you think that Kaeo school sold their ointment for a fair price?
       Answer: Yes because it is a ointment that helps to heal their skin infection
  1. Kaeo School gave ¼ of their profits to charity. How do you think they should use the remaining profit?

      Answer: By buying more plants and planting them so they grow so they could sell them in the markets.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Our Experience At The Viaduct Event Centre!

Today we are at the Viaduct Event Centre on the 22nd of March 2014. Wondering why we are here? We are here because we are going to be 'showing off' the way we learn with our netbooks. We have our own marathon, where we can get set up and work, work, work so that we can be the smartest school in the Manaiakalani cluster. We're doing our best to show people who we really are without any hesitation. We're hoping that everything will go well. 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Hatchet Response Activity!

Are Brian’s reactions to the pilot’s death and the crash realistic? Does Brian seem like a real thirteen-year-old boy?
Answer: When the pilot was dead, Brian was scared but he was still fearless. I think Brian doesn't look like a 13 years old because when the pilot was dead in the plane, he didn't cry or anything so I guess he seems to be like a 16/15 years old.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Plans & Prepare For A Bush Walk!

When you go on a Bushwalk and on a really long bush walk you’ll have to be aware of the weather conditions and getting prepared. It is important to tell your friend or anyone where you're going because you might not return back home. It would be good to wear some good casual hiking shoes to wear when you go. If you're going to spend a night in the bush it would be a good idea to learn how to start a fire to keep yourself warm. Make sure that a first aid kit is near you in case you get burnt. Keep your backpack as light as possible so it won’t stop you from walking to the destination.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Bio Poem About My Best Friend!

Lover of hot boys,music and eating
Who wonders if a disaster will hit the whole Auckland
Who fears insects, living on the streets and getting possessed
Who feels happy when I'm around my friends, watching action movies, spending time with family
Who is able to strive for a good education
Who would like to win the lotto and visit their families in other countries
Who dreams to be a princess in the universe

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Temperature High And Low!

Today I learnt to present my data as a line graph and an area graph. 

Bio Poem!

Short, Chubby, Helpful
Lover of singing in the shower, games, sports
Who wonders what the world is going to be like in the future
Who fears heights, lizards, performing on stage
Who feels peaceful and quiet when alone
Who is able to make this world a sparkling and wonderful place
Who would like to see favourite singers, experience other cultures and see a real snake
Who dreams of living on an island that has quiet feel to it

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Awesome Basket Ball!

Bright shiny morning! This morning room 10 had basketball. First we started with a warm up relay. We got into pairs. Everyone was sweaty and hot therefore we did too many relays. After the relay we did some basketball skills and competition.

During basketball our first skill was chest past. Some of us keeps on dropping the ball therefore we were far away from each other. Next it was competition. It was funny because people keeps dropping the ball and some were cheating. We had heaps of skills. Finally it was over. Everyone were all tired.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Lost Backpaker!

Evaluation :
Do you think Mr Chen was well prepared for his walk?
Answer: No. Mr Chen nearly die because he didn't prepare taking food, water and equipment that he needed.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Room 10's Favourite Fruit

On this graph it shows that room 10's favourite popular fruit is Mango. The least like fruit is pineapple. Mango is one of room 10's favourite. There are 28 students, including the teachers, figure out how many students plus the two teachers like which fruit.

Basketball Reading Task

An Explanation
Resource: Basketball
(Read About, Think About Book 1)
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WALT read and understand how an explanation is written. (Structure and language features used in writing explanations)

Knowledge Questions: Learn
  1. Where and when was the game of basketball devised?
     Answer: 1891 by James Naismith in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
  1. What is another name for bouncing the ball along the ground?
     Answer: Dribbling
  1. Can there ever be a draw in a game of basketball ?
     Answer: No. If there is a draw, then they need to play for another period of five minutes

Comprehension Questions: Learn
     4.   In total, how many players are on the court at one time?
     Answer: 5 players
     5.   Name four skills involved in basketball.
     Answer: Dribbling, Throwing, Long Passing and Jump Shot
     6.   How does the referee communicate signals?
     Answer: Hand signal and blowing the whistle

Application Questions: Create, Share
     7.   Would basketbal be a good game for someone short to play?
    Answer: Yes because they might be fast and they might pass it to a tall person to shoot into the hoop
    8. What question would you ask an international referee about the signals made during the      game?
     Answer: Why do you stop the clock for a foul?

Thinking beyond : Create,  Share
Analysis: What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having amateur,
professional and international rules?
Answer:  Disadvantages is a way to reduce the other team get more points because they will have to give away the ball.

Synthesis: Create a new game using basketball as a starting idea.  
Answer: A starting game for Basketball is Toilet Tag but just with a mix up in it to how to play. Four students or four players volunteers to be a tagger, tagging form outside the square. The rest stands at the inside of the square and gets ready to run across the court, if they get hit from the ball threw by the taggers they’ll have to knee down on 1 knee, 1 arm up for the flush and then the other knee stays flat on the floor for the toilet seat. Once they've been a toilet, then a person from their own team comes and takes a fake loo on them and then the toilet person is set free. Try to aim for the person who is capable to not get tagged

Evaluation: Do you think introducing games from other countries is a good or a bad thing?
Answer: Good because they might want to vs your country

The Euphoric Basket Ball!

The bright shiny sun! Today we had basketball. We started with a warm up game called Statue. Steph told us moves for it. It was interesting to see some new actions in basketball that Steph taught us. After that we had to do our skills that we did before. Steph showed us a different skill. It was back head fake. Back head fake was very tricky and hard for us.

Next we finished of with a game of octopus. It was a euphoric game. Nearly everyone was out therefore the taggers were very fast. When it came to only three people left, the taggers couldn't run faster therefore they were tired. In the end we all gathered around and said thank you to our instructor Steph. I was a terrific lesson.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Learning About St John

The most fabulous time at St John! At St John you learn different kinds of topics. Our topic today was Child Care. Child Care is about taking care of your siblings. There are many ways of taking care of your siblings. Taking care of your siblings is very important because they might burn themselves or they might hurt parts of their body. Make sure you look after your siblings very well.