Friday, 12 September 2014

Thank You Letter - Mrs Ripata

In Room 10 we had people visiting our class to talk about their career. This is my thank you letter. 

Room 10
Glenbrae School

12 September 2014

Mrs Ripata

Dear Mrs Ripata

Malo E Lelei. I’m writing to say thank you for speaking to us about your family and your life.

It was a pleasure to hear you share your story. I found it really interesting when you talked about, every morning you would go to school with no lunch and you would ask your friends for money so you could buy you lunch. The other interesting thing I learned was that your mum would weave mats and sell them to people for money and your dad would work and sell things. I remembered when you said your life was hard because it was hard to get money and your family was so poor.

I really appreciate you giving your time to speak to year ⅞ about your life and your experience.

Yours sincerely


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